My Sketch plugins

Zeplin: Handoff designs and styleguides with accurate specs, assets, code snippets — automatically.

Abstract: One place tool to version, manage, and collaborate on your Sketch files. Works like GitHub.

Lingoapp: A design system manager for Sketch.

Stark: The plugin to help you design and build products that are accessible, ethical, and inclusive.

Icon Drop: A Sketch Plugin & Adobe CC Extension (Photoshop & Illustrator) to Enhance your designs with high-quality icons from Iconscout.

AEUX: is a set of panels for After Effects and Sketch 52+ (and soon Figma) to transfer layers into After Effects with the least amount of friction from visual design to motion and out to device.

Stubborn: design your characters using our generator absolutely for free

Sketch Measure: Automatically generate a html page with one click, and inspect all the design details including CSS Styles on it offline.

Fontily: Fontily will list all the fonts in document, and allow you to change selected ones.

FontRapid: Design and create fonts directly in Sketch.

Envato: Exclusive access to free, high-quality UI kits and royalty-free photos from Envato Elements.

Artboard Manager: This plugin automatically arranges the position of all Artboards in your Sketch document, to snap them to rows & columns.

Looper: Sketch plugin to duplicate, Rotate and Scale the smart way.

Icon Font: This plugin helps you easily insert and manage icons from icon fonts — such as FontAwesome, Ion or Material Design Icons — in your Sketch designs.

Rename it: Keep your Sketch files organized, batch rename layers and artboards.

Alembic: Extract a color palette from images.

Sketch Guides: Help you to save a lot of time in setup the guides automatically.

Clipboard Fill: Sketch plugin to paste whatever image is on your clipboard as the fill for any shape.

Butter: Butt-together layers neatly and instantly. Add quick, consistent spacing between objects

Sketch Focus: boosts your productivity by keeping you on-task.

Chart: Chart is the most powerful data visualization plugin. Create charts with random, tabular or JSON data inside Sketch. Customize visual representation of charts and change data in seconds.

Split Shape: A Plugin that divides a rectangle into a specified number of divisions equally.

Craft: Plugin for Sketch and Photoshop that revolutionizes your design process. Manage the plugins via Craft Manager for incredibly easy updating.

Anima: Create Responsive and Interactive High-Fidelity Prototypes, All Inside Sketch

Relabel Button: prompts for a button’s new label then applies the text, resizes the button background and repositions any other interior elements while maintaining the existing padding.

ImageOptim: Automatically compresses images exported from Sketch.

Find and replace: Plugin to do a find and replace on text within layers.

Slinky: Export your Sketch designs as HTML email templates.

Angle: Perfect for presenting your Apps, Websites and Cover images (free version)

Blender: Bblend objects to create and distribute shapes evenly between multiple objects in Sketch.

Paddy: Add padding, space, alignment, etc.

Pixel Perfecter: It scans your Sketch file for all the bad layers at once or layer by layer and fixes everything at your wish.

Prism: Creates a beautiful artboard color palette with all your ‘Document Colors’ and their respective color label in a variety of formats.

Runner: Perform Sketch actions quicker with your keyboard. Launch, search, and execute. Designing becomes a breeze.

Sketch Distributor: Sketch plugin that distributes selected objects vertically or horizontally with a given spacing.

Merge duplicate symbols: Sketch plugin to merge symbols with the same name. Choose the one you want to keep and press OK. The other symbols will be removed, and all of their instances will be replaced by the one you chose to keep.

Style Master: You can rename all or some of your shared styles at once. With the power of regular expressions, you can even completely redesign the naming hierarchy


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