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  • Juan Maguid

    Juan Maguid

    Co-founder of Team Sketch2React. Designer that wants to make your maker lives easier😺👍

  • Mark Dalgleish

    Mark Dalgleish

    CSS Modules co-creator, @MelbJS organiser, DesignOps Lead at @seekjobs.

  • Cristiano Rastelli

    Cristiano Rastelli

    Design System Lead at HashiCorp. In love with Atomic Design, Design Systems & CSS architecture. Attendee/speaker/organiser of tech conferences and meetups.

  • Felix Campano

    Felix Campano

    Founder & CEO of bob.io — I dream with building the Next Generation of Airports, but I’ll start by finding a solution for luggage

  • Lukas Oppermann

    Lukas Oppermann

    Product designer with a love for complex problems & data. Everything I post on Medium is a copy — the originals are on my own website: https://www.vea.re

  • Kyle Gach

    Kyle Gach

    Always learning. Helping to make an open, inclusive, accessible, fast, & responsive web on the Mineral UI team at @CATechnologies.

  • Matt Wierzbicki

    Matt Wierzbicki

    Product Designer from Poland

  • Joshua Saunders

    Joshua Saunders

    Senior software developer at Klipfolio. I love writing about all things dev and faith. linkedin.com/in/jksaunders to connect!

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