El inicio del nuevo proyecto: Lean Survey Canvas

  1. What do we need to learn?
    This is the most important part of the survey, and the answers to all the other sections on the canvas should relate back to this. You can use questions or assumptions here or a mix of both. To help you decide, consider the output you need from the survey and how it’ll be used.
    To complete this section, we use the 4 “what do we know?” questions:
    - What do we know we know? Do we need to confirm any of our existing knowledge?
    - What do we know we don’t know? What questions do we need to ask to find out the unknowns?
    - What don’t we know that we know? What assumptions do we have that we could validate?
    - What don’t we know that we don’t know? Who should we speak to to find out more?
  2. What information do we know already?
    Aquí irá la información que ya sabemos, y, por lo tanto, no habrá que preguntar al usuario. En mi caso:
    * Una gran parte de la sociedad ya tiene conciencia sobre el tema
  3. Who do we need to learn from?
  4. How do we reach these people?
  5. The questions
  6. Invite/intro




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Dani Fernández

Dani Fernández

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